Red card to Adidas after sex and sports combo

For decades Brazilians, and Brazilian women in particular, have been “cursed” wih the stereotype of being beauiful, outgoing creatures that are easy to get in bed. But not only is this an inaccurate… Continue reading

No more violence, police say and fire their guns.

The World Cup 2014 has sparked a tremendous amount of violent riots for the past year, and the number of protests and demonstrations has particularly shot in the air the last couple of months.… Continue reading

Behind a stadium’s closed (and unfinished) doors

This week a builder working on one of the planned World Cup stadiums was killed in an accident while dismantling a crane. Not only is he the third worker to die while constructing Amazonia Arena,… Continue reading

Cheers, Cameron!

The British Beer and Pub Association (BBPA) appealed to the Government late last year, hoping to get extended opening hours for pubs in Britain during the World Cup this summer. After an initial… Continue reading

Forget healthcare: We want World Cup

Yet another violent demonstration was carried out in Brazil last weekend. Therefore, President Dilma Rousseff announced that she will host a cabinet meeting to discuss the protests and the threat they are causing to the upcoming… Continue reading

FIFA’s final four-week deadline for Curitiba arena

For the past seven years 12 football stadiums across Brazil have been refurbished and improved in preparation for one of the world’s biggest sports events. With no more than five months until FIFA’s… Continue reading